It’s no secret our roads in South Africa are very poorly maintained. We all know the frustration of waiting months or years for a pothole or road surface defect to be repaired. It’s no wonder that the state of our roadsis a leading contributor to the volume of accidents and deaths we read about daily. And those accidents are costing the Road Accident Fund millions in RAF payouts.

The alarming statistics speak for themselves. Only 45% of South African roads are deemed to be in good condition and safe for driving. Scarier still, around 72% of gravel roads across the country have been graded as in “poor or very poor” conditions. With 55% of our main roads considered to be in poor condition and the mounting costs for proper road maintenance and repairs sitting in the billions, accidents are bound to happen.

Years of neglect and an insurmountable backlog are making it almost impossible for municipalities across the country to make any progress. As such new potholes form before existing ones can be fixed and road surfaces continue to deteriorate. Meanwhile accidents continue to happen, and the Road Accident Fund continues to be hit with massive RAF claims, many of which are in the millions.

The R76 in the Free State is considered the most dangerous road in South Africa. Experts agree the massive potholes and uneven road surface make it unfit for driving yet nothing is done.

How to claim from the RAF for damage/injury caused by bad road conditions

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident as a result of poorly maintained or damaged roads, you are eligible to claim compensation from the Road Accident Fund. To do this, you must take photographs of the damage and the road conditions. Get the contact details of any witnesses. File a police report if a 3rd party was involved otherwise contact an attorney that specialises in RAF claims. Your attorney will assist you in submitting a claim to the RAF.

Remember we can assist you in finding a suitable RAF attorney to fight your case. Once you have received a settlement figure from the RAF, we can arrange an RAF loan to get you an RAF cash advance with a quicker and earlier payout.