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RAF advances are paid out to people that have been involved in a road accident in South Africa and have claimed for the costs of injury, recovery, loss of income, funeral expenses as well as ongoing support, from the Road Accident Fund.

These claim advances are referred to as Road Accident Fund loans and help people that are waiting for their RAF payout, which in some cases can take years to be settled.

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Road Accident Fund Bridging

How to get your Road Accident Fund Bridging Loan?
Easy 3 step process:
Sign Loan Agreement
Get your Money
Road Accident Fund Bridging
To apply for a RAF claim advance, you must have a settlement agreement or court order and provide us with your attorney details.

Why Us ?

Free Comparison: We shop around for the best deal, at no cost to you and you decide who to use.

What we offer you

An advance of Up To 75 % of the Claim Value*
•  3-day Approval
•  Best Rates
•  Personal Service
•  No Upfront Fees
•  No Hidden Costs
•  Empathy….we understand your pain

     * after attorney costs have been deducted


In order to get an advance on your claim, you need to have used an attorney or lawyer to lodge your claim but it has to be an attorney that will sign and undertaking to allow you to get a bridging advance on your RAF claim

When you are living with the trauma, pain and discomfort of having survived a car accident, you do not want to have to deal with all the medical bills, emotional stress and financial burden. We are not lawyers but we do suggest you use a professional attorney, to handle your claim for a few reasons:
  • They make a complicated matter easy
  • They can get you more money
  • They can approve your RAF advance funding
But appoint one that will sign loan undertakings. See below.

Attorney Undertakings for Loans

Ask your attorney, before you appoint him/her if they will sign a loan undertaking from third party lender. If they say no, then you cannot get a loan! Insist that they give you a letter stating that they will sign an undertaking to settle a loan or advance from a third-party lender if you want to take out a loan. If they will not do this, then look for another attorney. It is your money and you are entitled to take an advance if you want to but some attorneys will not sign the undertaking to settle your loan and then you cannot get a loan
Get upfront finance against your settled claim
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FAQ's - Road Accident Fund Loans

How much can I get out?

You can get a loan of up to 75 % of the amount approved by the Road Accident Fund, after your attorney’s costs have been deducted.

When do I get paid?

As soon as your attorney acknowledges the transaction. If the attorney does not sign the undertaking allowing you the advance cash, then you cannot get the money out earlier. Choose an attorney that will sign the third-party settlement agreement

What does ‘Settled Claim’ mean?

This is when the Road Accident Fund has agreed to pay you an amount or a Court has ordered the amount that is to be paid to you. Once you have a settlement letter, then you can get an advance on your claim.

Can I get a bridging loan for Road Accident Fund if I claim direct from RAF?

No, you need to have claimed through an attorney because the attorney will undertake to pay the lender their loan and interest back. We suggest rather use and attorney as they can get more money and get your money quicker.

Who can claim?

• The injured person, a relative, executors of your estate and curators of a deceased persons estate.
• A legal guardian, foster parent or parent of a child injured in a motor vehicle accident.
• Lawyers can claim on your behalf.

What can I claim for from the RAF?

• Past and future, hospital cost and medical expenses but the injuries have to be related to the actual accident.
• Income that is proved to have been lost or could be lost in the future can be claimed for.
• The dependent of a deceased person such as the breadwinner can claim for past and future loss of support.
• In some cases, disfigurement, suffering and pain can be claimed for but is dependent on assessments and not easy to assess the economic impact of the claimant.
• Funeral expenses that are actually incurred to cremate the deceased.

How much does it cost?

Lending interest rates and costs are governed by the National Credit Act. You need not worry about overpaying. You will also receive a quote before your sign and agreements and this will clearly show all costs.

How long does it take?

3 days to get an approval, if all your documents are available, The lender also has to get an approval from your attorney, who has claimed from the RAF, so that he will pay over the lenders funds when the payout takes place.

What is Road Accident Fund Bridging Finance?

It is the advance of funds on a settled claim. A settled claim means that the RAF has approved an amount to be paid or there is an Order of Court that stipulates the amount to be paid out to the claimant.
There is a fee for advancing the money and this is set out in a quote after you apply.

What is an RAF Claim?

If you have been involved in an accident on a public the road, in a bus, a taxi, truck, motorbike, licenced vehicle or you are a pedestrian, then you are entitled to claim for the costs of your injuries, your care, your recovery and sometimes loss of earnings, funeral expense of deceased and sometimes for pain and suffering.

Can I get an RAF advance if I am blacklisted?

Yes, but this is subject to fund rules. This is not a loan and so your credit profile and history are not relevant. Some lenders will not approve an advance based on the risk profile of the applicant. This is their decision and in this case, contact us and we will refer you to another vendor.

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