Vehicle accidents are not only physically damaging but they are financially devastating as well. The emotional and financial toll of losing loved ones, replacing written off vehicles and mounting medical bills can be too much for some victims, causing severe psychological trauma. It’s why it is so important to understand the options available to you to alleviate some of the financial burden and focus on your healing. 

It is a scary thought to consider that over 1 million drivers on the road at any given time are uninsured. Moreover, almost 800 000 unregistered vehicles are on our roads at any given time. Which means almost 70% of drivers are either uninsured or illegally driving their vehicles. When they are involved in an accident and should that accident involve you, your insurance will have to fork out for the entire cost of vehicle repairs or replacement for you. This unfortunately almost always impacts your premiums. 

What does the Road Accident Fund Cover? 

The Road Accident Fund offers third-party liability cover for victims of an accident. If you caused the accident, you cannot claim from the RAF. Claims generally cover: 

  • Medical bills 
  • Financial impact of loss of limbs or paralysis 
  • Loss of income 
  • Legal fees 
  • Death of breadwinner 

As you can imagine, it can become complicated to calculate the amount of compensation due if the victim can never work again, which is why many RAF claims take years to settle. 

Apply for an RAF Bridging Loan

If you were in a motor vehicle accident and are awaiting payout on your settled RAF claim, we can assist with an RAF bridging loan. You can receive up to 75% of your settlement figure early and enjoy the financial relief this will bring to you and your loved ones. If you are yet to submit your RAF claim, we can also connect you with qualified RAF attorneys to help you fight your case. Instead of spending thousands on legal fees, they will take an agreed upon percentage of the final settlement figure.