The Road Accident Fund or RAF is a compulsory indemnity insurance fund in South Africa. The fund was brought into effect in 1997 when it took over from the Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund. The fund is responsible for providing cover for all road users in South Africa.

The Road Accident Fund covers these users in the event of injury or death while on the roads. This is a government fund and the process has been in existence since 1946. It has since been changed and improved until we got to the Road Accident Fund, Road Accident Fund Act, 1996 (Act No. 56 of 1996).

The RAF aims to assist those injured on South Africa’s roads with rehabilitation and compensation in a timely manner. The RAF also seeks to promote safer roads for all South Africans working on many campaigns to reduce accidents on our roads. The RAF is paid through a levy on fuel and is thus paid equally across road users.

Road Accident Fund Claim
RAF claims
are lodged on a statutory claim form. This form provides all the basic information of the person claiming from the RAF, as well as any details of the accident. The form also contains a report from the treating doctor.

The form needs to be filled out and accompanied by:

  • The particulars and details of the accidents
  • Police Report and Case Number
  • Doctors report and medical records
  • Any other claims received from other parties pertaining to this accident.

While this process may seem straightforward and easy, many people can often get low payments from the RAF. Many claimants choose to get a Road Accident Fund Lawyer or Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyer to help them with the process. These experienced professionals can assist you in getting what you deserve.

At RAF Bridging we have lawyers who can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. Our team handles Car Accident Settlements, Taxi Accident Pay-outs, Suing RAF, RAF Compensation Litigation, Medical Negligence Claims and even PRASA Accident Claims.

Loans Against Road Accident Fund Claims (RAF Loans)
If you have been working with an RAF attorney and have a successful claim, you could get a RAF loan against your Road Accident Fund Claim. While the process may have been intended to be fast and efficient, it can often take some time for your money to come through. An efficient option to get your money now is to get a RAF bridging finance against the value of your claim. You will receive your money now from a private funder, who will take a small fee for giving you to the RAF advance. No interest, No Monthly Fees!

There are a few keys elements:

  • Your RAF claim needs to be successful
  • You will need a court order – confirming this.
  • You need to be working through an attorney
  • Your attorney needs to agree to the advance

Rather than waiting for your money, get your money today through an RAF loan. With RAF Bridging helping you, you can get paid within 24 hours of your claim.